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Are you risking your "financial life" in a car accident?

There's something called "Personal Injury Protection" or "PIP" that you can get with your car insurance. It helps pay for medical bills if you get hurt in a car accident. The smallest amount of PIP coverage is usually $2,500, but we think it's a good idea to get at least $5,000 to $10,000 of coverage.

If you get hurt in a car accident, PIP helps pay for your medical bills and the money you lost from not being able to work. It doesn't matter who caused the accident - PIP still pays.

Sometimes, regular health insurance won't pay for car accident injuries, and they tell you to go ask the other driver to pay. This can take a really long time and your medical bills might pile up. But PIP helps you pay those bills right away, so you don't have to worry about bill collectors calling you.

There's something else called "Med Pay" that's similar to PIP, but it doesn't cover as much and costs a little less.

Sometimes when you get in a car accident, it's hard to pay for all the medical bills and other expenses. That's where PIP and Med-Pay come in - they're like special types of car insurance that help you pay for things, no matter who caused the accident.

PIP and Med-Pay are a little bit different. PIP is required by law and covers lots of different people, like your family members and passengers, unless you tell your insurance provider in writing that you do not want it. It pays for medical bills and even some of the money you lose from not being able to work.

Med-Pay is optional, so you have to check if you have it. It mostly just pays for medical bills, but it might not cover as much as PIP does. It also doesn't pay for lost wages or help you if you're not able to work.

Make sure you check your policy to see what kind of coverage you have.

The Dedric Brown Law Firm in Houston, Texas, can help you get the full and fair compensation you deserve in court. Plus, the Dedric Brown Law Firm won't charge you anything unless the firm wins your case.

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